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About Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard has greyish or whitish fur wrapped in numerous circular, black rings and a bushy tail. The white belly and pale green or blue eyes of snow leopard make them appear more stunning. Snow leopards are known best by their scientific name Panthera uncia, and it is recorded that these creatures are more popular in the white mountains of Central Asia and South Asia. Snow leopards adapt to their cold environment pretty well as their 180cm elongated tail surrounded by thick fur is a source of warmth for them, meaning that they wrap the tail around their body to feel warmth during sleep.


Additionally, their thick body fur provides them with enough insulation to survive in cold winters. In the snowy mountains, they eat food only once a week, and that food is usually a large blue sheep. Snow Leopards are popular in Nepal, where many people have witnessed their presence. Snow Leopards are known as High Altitude Acrobats because they prefer to spend their time at high elevations (3000 to 4500m). Their bulky hind legs and smaller forelimbs facilitate agile movements in rugged and steep surroundings, as most of their surroundings consist of broken cliffs, ravines, and rocky outcrops. One of the fascinating facts about snow leopards is that they cannot make roaring sounds. Instead, they make a special sound known as Piercing Yowl.

Another fascinating fact about snow leopards is that they are more associated with tigers than leopards, contrary to their good name. For walking in cold weather, their feet act as natural snowshoes, and it is reported that snow leopards have the capacity of walking 25 miles straight without becoming exhaustive or without taking mid breaks. Their snowy fur and masked markings assist them in attacks without letting the prey know about their presence. This is a unique feature exhibited by snow leopards!

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