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About SK8 the Infinity


Japanese animation studio called Bones released the Japanese animated series Sk8 The Infinity in 2021 under the supervision of Alaska based broadcast regulating company called Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation or ABC in short. The leading character of the series Reki is a high school graduate who adores skating and often goes out skating along with his friends on weekends. One day, he decides to introduce his best friend and new classmate Langa to the world of skating and S night. The concept of S-night is related to the skating competition that takes place at midnight. All the skaters who are participating in the competition have to compete with each other on skateboards and cross many dangerous sites like mines.


In the competitions, some of the opponents turn into enemies, and others become best friends, and the drama goes on. The main character Reki has always been a proponent of ‘S’ races, and he wants everyone around him to experience the thrill of skateboarding. Miya Chinen is another important character of the series like Reki. Both Reki and Miya are school fellows and classmates who share a beautiful bond. The distinguishing feature of Miya’s character is that he can play unique tricks around. Juliette Mercier is accredited with designing real skateboards to be functional in real life. Ayumi is the designer of Reki’s skateboards.

The production team made the official announcement of the release of the series in September 2020. The director of the series Utsumi got fascinated by the unique concept and decided to become an integral part of the television series. Japanese artist and character designer Michinori Chiba was given the responsibility of developing the characters for the television series. She was a part of the management team, meaning that she took care of all the essential details related to the series. The anime series was adapted for a stage play in 2021, and the next play was scheduled for January 2022.

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