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130 Top Pusheen wallpapers HD for you to download and use it for your Chromebook, desktop & mobile background for Free. Download Best Pusheen Cat Backgrounds & Wallpapers 4k. Collection of HD Images for Pusheen fans.
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About Pusheen Cat


Pusheen, in the whole of her charming aspects her typical grey tabby to her unicorns, dragons, monster, mermaid, dinosaurs, and even canine alter egos—always enjoys life to the max! Pusheen, the delightfully fat cat whose trademark animated bangers, jumps, and tail flutters have melted the hearts and amused the amusing bones of millions across the globe, is well-known. You may now discover what causes her growl and why many people have indeed grown to love with her. This wonderful compilation of comics and images includes a generous portion of never-before-seen content, along with some of the most renowned and purr-fectly beautiful Pusheen cartoons you know and adore.

The Many Lives of Pusheen the Cat is a delight for both cat and graphic novel aficionados. Pusheen’s human-like temperament is among the things that attracts people. Pusheen speaks and sees the world that many women perceive and believe in their everyday routines. The Pusheen fan following started when a Tumblr devoted to the cat was created. Eventually, in 2013, Facebook introduced Pusheen to their wallpaper collections, causing her already sizable fan following to swell. Facebook currently claims that the Pusheen icons are being used upwards of 10 million times each day by its fans. Women who adore Pusheen are enamored with her and worship her with such a cult-like devotion.

Pusheen is often referred to as a ‘spirit animal’ by devotees. It’s simple to understand why so many ladies identify with the somewhat obese cat who simply wants to remain at night and devour pizza in a society when women’s physical and social expectations are so demanding; shouldn’t we enjoy our feline-cat like personalities and cherish the show that reflects our thoughts. Pusheen is well-loved and cherished by cat lovers all over the world and Pusheen have succeeded in security a massive fan base.

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