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About Butterfly


People who love gardening or botanists who have to deal with plants for their research projects must have seen multicoloured, minute, flying creatures called butterflies. Before becoming an adult, a butterfly goes through four main stages. The adult members of the butterfly family lay eggs on plants. Juvenile larvae emerge from eggs. Their larvae are commonly called caterpillars. Caterpillars obtain nutrition from the plant on which they hatch out from eggs. Within a short period, the caterpillar grows into another structure called a pupa. At this stage, the pupa goes through a series of structural changes in a process called metamorphosis.


After the completion of metamorphosis, the pupa sheds its skin and emerges as an adult insect capable of flying. With time, the wings of butterflies become mature and provide them with enough space to move around without any external help. As per data collected by zoological experts, butterflies reproduce multiple times in a year. Whereas in some cold countries, butterflies may need years to complete their life cycle once. One of the main characteristic features of butterflies is that they show the phenomenon of polymorphism. Their male members are more bright and attractive than female members. For evading their predators, butterflies manipulate their multicoloured skin tone as it helps in camouflage. For instance, it is relatively hard for predators to detect a yellow butterfly sitting on a full-blown yellow flower.

Whereas the same butterfly can be attacked effortlessly if he sits on a blue or red flower. Throughout their life, butterflies can travel long distances. For instance, painted ladies and monarchs can spend hours and hours travelling over a massive orchard. Mostly butterflies are attacked by protozoa and parasites. Other larger insects also attack them when no other food source is available. Most butterfly species are categorised as potential pests as they can demolish domestic plants and crops during their larval stage.

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