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40 Top Adventure Time wallpapers HD for you to download and use it for your Chromebook, desktop & mobile background for Free. Download Best Adventure Time Backgrounds & Wallpapers 4k. Collection of HD Images for Adventure Time fans.
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About Adventure Time


With an unbelievable 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.5/10 on IMDb, Adventure Time has held a special place in the hearts of countless people since its beginning in 2010 that went on for almost a decade and won over the hearts of millions of people. The show was no ordinary cartoon show; with alternative universes and candy people, Adventure Time was indeed a thrilling journey to follow. The show was initially intended for kids; however, it developed a strong fandom among older audiences by having a profound psychological and somehow philosophical impact on its watchers with its ten seasons.

In 2018, after good eight years, the show wrapped up with uncountable memories and love from worldwide. It was considered as the ending of an exceptionally adventurous era among fandoms. The show expanded over 300 episodes, each nearly 12 minutes long, with hundreds of unique characters and following different storylines. However, to be precise, the show is based on a Sci-Fi plot where the story begins 1000 years in the future after a nuclear apocalypse named as ‘Mushroom War’ merges Earth with a fantasy realm where dwellers are rather peculiar with bizarre creatures and people made of fire, candy or ‘Lumpy Spaces’ along with some other staff in the Land of Ooo. Finn (Jeremy Shada) becomes the only human in this world, and then he and his fostering buddy, a shape-shifting dog called Jake (John DiMaggio), took it on themselves to serve out as much as they can throughout Ooo.

They share their treasure-hunting, monster-fighting, and errand-running skills with their numerous acquaintances and neighbors, and the intricate past of Adventure Time’s inhabitants and their universe is revealed along the journey. Things didn’t end there, however. Adventure Time put a lot of effort into combining odd stories of mischievous deities from Mars or penguins, and they rolled out to be planet-threatening alien monstrosities into its convoluted past and environment, preserving deep consistency across numerous long-running narrative storylines.

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